Monday, 22 August 2011

Track of the Week: Glam Chops (featuring The Panther Girls & The Glitter Twins) - Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure

It's finally here. After months of plotting and preparing, we're delighted to announce the full details for the first release on Keep Pop Loud Records.

This 15 track compilation CD features many of the artists that have been championed on this site over the past year and bringing them all together is our way of cementing the identity of the record label and Keep Pop Loud name.

So, alongside contributions from Pris, The Winter Olympics, Screaming Maldini, Dogs Die In Hot Cars and MJ Hibbett we're absolutely chuffed to bits to announce that the closing song for the CD is an exclusive provided by none other than Glam Chops.

The glam rock project of Eddie Argos the band has a stellar line up, that as well as featuring the named contributors (The Panther Girls and The Glitter Twins) includes The Vessel (aka Mr Solo) from David Devant & His Spirit Wife. On 'Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure' this comes together for a tour-de-force of glam riffs and gang vocals, whilst Eddie narrates from the point of view of our titular hero.

It's quite simply the most epic close that we could have got ahold of, and at seven minutes long it's a certifiable epic. And you can get it exclusively on Keep Pop Loud .

Each copy of this compilation comes in a sleeve made from second hand clothes, making each one unique.... but there's only 100 available so you'll have to order quickly.

Scroll down for the full tracklisting … or go here to pre-order....

But first, here's the world premier of 'Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure' for your listening pleasure.

15 Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure - Glam Chops by Keep Pop Loud

01. The Winter Olympics – I Miss The Nineties
02. BLESSA – Atlas
03. MJ Hibbett – 2000AD Nan
04. The Half Rabbits – Gasoline
05. Bordeauxxx – Every Holiday Is A Disaster
06. Screaming Maldini – Monkey See Badger Do (New Version)
07. Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Beauty US
08. Pocket Satellite – Man On A Boat
09. Kidnapper Bell – Everything Ever
10. Best Friends – Surf Bitches
11. Pris – Icon On A Motorbike
12. Among Brothers – Bare Teeth
13. Twenty Three Persons – Something Colin Wore
14. H Bird – A Millionairess In A Ruby Ring
15. Glam Chops (featuring The Panther Girls & The Glitter Twins) - Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure

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