Monday, 1 August 2011

Track Of The Week: Boys Noize & Erol Alkan feat. Jarvis Cocker – Avalanche [Terminal Velocity]

I saw an Erol Alkan DJ slot once. It was at the Students Union where I was working for the big end-of-year party, in what was supposedly the live venue. Aware of his reputation as a superb producer (Long Blondes, Mystery Jets, Late of the Pier) I expected some sort of epic indie/electronic mash-up which was rather fashionable at the time. What the set actually consisted of was two hours of repetitive bleeps and Radiohead to close. If the majority of the set consisted of more than one track I wasn't to know, but hey, I'm just a pop fan. Perhaps repetitive bleeping is actually a good thing.

Although on the grounds of this Track of the Week, I'd guess not. Alkan and Boys Noize have roped in in pop-god Jarvis Cocker for this re-working of an old Leonard Cohen track. And it's rather ace.

At over six minutes it builds itself up into a rather hypnotic groove with scattering pieces of minimal electronics and hazy keyboards reinforcing the spoken word narrative from Cocker. As the artwork implies, this is informed as heavily by the original wave of post-punk as it is by Warp Records. Ominous and imposing it's horrifying at the same time as being quite sexy. Like 'Space' by Jarvis' main band Pulp (it's good to refer to them as that) it takes over your ears and pins you to the ground.

Don't listen to this whilst walking anywhere on your own at night. Or if you do, don't blame me for having to change yr underwear when it kicks off at roughly the three and a half minute mark.

'Avalanche [Terminal Velocity]' is available to download now and is due out on vinyl at some point.


Anonymous said...

you spelled boys noize wrong

Matt said...

I'm sorry but this is awful. I think your love of Jarvis has made you incapable of writing a bad word about the sexy man

Lee said...

Thanks Matt. There'll be more jangly pop by girls in cardigans next week, if you'd rather.