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Keep Pop Loud Records: V/A – Keep Pop Loud

To launch the record label arm of the Keep Pop Loud name, we're releasing a limited edition compilation CD. It features some of the awesome bands that we've been talking about on the website over the past year and really shows the world what we mean with the name and aesthetic.

You'll have seen the tracklisting by now and know that it's limited to 100 copies. You probably also know that the CD sleeves are made from second hand clothes, but you may not know about all of the bands that feature, so here's a few words on each and some nice streams for you too.

If you like what you hear (and why wouldn't you?) then you can order the CD direct here. OR if you'd rather buy a copy direct from KPL in Sheffield (and save on postage!), contact us here.

The Winter Olympics – I Miss The Nineties
This epic single was Track of the Week back in March and we still love it more and more with each listen. We described it before as “the 'All My Friends' for the kids of the 1990s”. This huge track will have you bouncing off walls and singing your heart out. This is the perfect way to kick off a compilation - even if we do say so ourselves!

BLESSA – Atlas
The Sheffield band we featured back when they went by the name of Jack Rabbit, BLESSA have shown a real commitment to evolving their sound, and  we're sure that before long they'll be the name on everyone's lips. 'Atlas' was the group's set closer for a while, and it's not hard to see why. Lead by Olivia Neller's charismatic vocal this is luscious dream-pop.

MJ Hibbett – 2000AD Nan
The indiepop legend supplies us with this brand new exclusive, which is a massive honour. It's demonstrative of why MJ Hibbett is one of our all time favourite songwriters. Touching and funny, '2000AD Nan' is a look at the relationship between boys and their nans. And it's about comics.

The Half Rabbits – Gasoline
Oxford's The Half Rabbits have been soundtracking 2011 at KPL towers with their breathtaking vision of post-punk. 'Gasoline' is taken from their download only EP Optimists, that we raved about. Keep Pop Loud is your chance to grab this brilliant track on CD.

Bordeauxxx – Every Holiday Is A Disaster
This self-released single is the best yet from the indiepopsters. Jangly and verging on chaotic, Bordeauxxx are everything that you'd expect from a contemporary indiepop group. We've taken them into our hearts and we know that anoyone who's a fan of acts such as Los Campesinos! or Tilly and the Wall will do too.

Screaming Maldini – Monkey See Badger Do (New Version)
As there's been a lot of coverage for Alcopop! Records on the website over the past year we felt it was only right to ask on board one of their excellent roster. Seeing as Screaming Maldini are from Sheffield and produce utterly perfect pieces of bonkers pop it just had to be them. 'Monkey See Badger Do' is short, sharp and unforgettable.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Beauty US
From the mid-00's hitmakers (you'll remember them from 'Godhopping' and 'I Love You 'Cause I Have To') second album sessions, 'Beauty US' is available for the first time on CD here. It's a welcome reminder of their new-wave brilliance and an excellent memento from one of the most underrated and missed of bands.

Pocket Satellite – Man On A Boat
Acoustic popsters Pocket Satellite are currently charming everyone that they come across, and rightly so. With this song from their Paper Aviator EP they fit right at home with all of the other acts on the CD by virtue of sounding nothing like any of them. This is at once delicate and bouncy, a real joy!

Kidnapper Bell – Everything Ever
'Everything Ever' was Track of the Week as soon as we confirmed it for the CD. With their jagged pop and emotive vocals it's no wonder we got all excited. Whether or not you agree with our take that it's a “showcase of their unique combination of new wave and scatter-shot punk-pop”, you can only pick this song up on Keep Pop Loud.
Kidnapper Bell - Everything Ever by kidnapperbell

Best Friends – Surf Bitches
Standing out from the rest of the fuzz pop crowd by virtue of being bloody brilliant, Sheffield's Best Friends are fast becoming the city's live favourites. Keep Pop Loud is your chance to grab their signature tune 'Surf Bitches' on CD before the buzz takes over.

Pris – Icon On A Motorbike
We've been coving Pris heavily since we first heard them, so we just had to have them on board for this. With their current single ('The Better You Look'/'Blu Tack Baby') setting them up for very big things, this is your chance to pick up what is set to be a legendary early recording. 'Icon On A Motorbike' is their take on the classic girl-group style. Fuzzy bubblegum perfection.

Among Brothers – Bare Teeth
Reviewing Among Brothers Homes EP, kicked off our year at KPL and so we couldn't put this CD out without inviting them back to be a part of it. Taken from said EP, 'Bare Teeth' is a spacious combination of classic indiepop songwriting and modern electronics. Gorgeous. They've even managed to get Radio One coverage.

Twenty Three Persons – Something Colin Wore
This lost song has been dug up from the archives and given a second lease of life. Available for purchase the first time since it's recording in the mid-80s 'Something Colin Wore' is demonstrative of Keep Pop Loud Records' dedication to not letting great songs disappear.

H Bird – A Millionairess In A Ruby Ring
From their download only Danger Makers EP, 'A Millionairess In A Ruby Ring' is a fantastic example of how we fell for H Bird the moment we heard them. Their 90's influenced synthpop is a look at the glossier side of KPL and is available for the first time on CD here.

Glam Chops (featuring The Panther Girls & The Glitter Twins) - Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure
An epic way to conclude the CD. This song from Eddie Argos' glam project Glam Chops is the story of Tarzan set to a Glam Rock epic. At seven minutes long it's the longest and strangest song we've got. Again, as a testament to our ideals, there's little better than 'Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure' to close with.
15 Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure - Glam Chops by Keep Pop Loud

Order the CD from the Keep Pop Loud store now.

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