Monday, 18 July 2011

Track Of The Week: Kate Jackson Group - Date With Dawn

There should be no need to reiterate (again) how amazing and one-off The Long Blondes were. But they were, weren't they?

Previously when looking at the solo output of their singer I've been cautious not to give the rough demos any more praise than they warranted. As such I may have seemed a bit lukewarm and inadvertently persuaded myself not to get too excited about Kate Jackson's return. But the worries that her new outfit the Kate Jackson Group would do nothing but sully my memories of The Long Blondes have been completely dispelled by the first offering from the sessions for the forthcoming album.

Certainly 'Date With Dawn' fills in the gaps between the aforementioned demos and the New Wave glam of The Long Blondes. Without sacrificing in the snarl and sex appeal there seems to be greater commercial viability to the Kate Jackson Group however, and could well be the vehicle to propel Kate from indie and broadsheet darling to genuine mainstream contender.

With the definite potential to be an indie dancefloor smash 'Date With Dawn' is upbeat and catchy with razor sharp lyrics. The chorus is essentially the title with some 'oooohs' and 'aaahhs' thrown in for good measure and feels a bit freer than the tight constraints that we're used to Kate occupying. If there's one worry it's that 'Date With Dawn' lacks in the emotive appeal that's kept me going back to Someone To Drive You Home again and again. Still, time will either prove or dispel that and in the meantime this is an immediately fun and stylish pop song.

Providing Kate packages her Group right the forthcoming record should be a highlight of the year. It's perhaps a trivial thing to say, but as this stands musically somewhat in the shadow of her former group (not a bad thing in itself) we need to be sure we're getting the full deal. I've got faith in Kate Jackson to hit the nail on the head however and look forward very very much to hearing more from the Kate Jackson Group

Date With Dawn by KateJackson

Kate Jackson Group plays Tramlines Festival in Sheffield on Friday (22nd) on the Barker's Pool stage in support to other Steel City pop legends Heaven 17.

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