Monday, 4 July 2011

Track Of The Week: The Blood Arm - 'The Creditors'

As this week finally sees the UK release of The Blood Arm's second proper album Turn And Face Me, it'd be wrong to give Track of the Week to anyone else. After all there's few other bands that could be accused of living up to the mandate of keeping pop loud than this LA four-piece.

At under three minutes 'The Creditors' is so riotously infectious that it's hard to believe that they've been away as long as they have. Keeping with their trademark artpop sound, Dyan's pinao carries the melody whilst Nathaniel Fregoso's vocal is quick and sharp. With the sonic pallet filled out by bursts of glorious brass and a meaty bass part it's one of the greatest slices of pure aural joy that you'll have heard all year.

Starting from a steady part The Blood Arm waste no time it getting to the lyrical hook - the first words from Nathaniel's mouth are “Fuck the creditors, they get what they deserve”. From there the band,, as a unit go from strength to strength (via a reference to 'Suspicious Character') so that by the time we're half way through we've got what is easily the biggest most carefree indie-dancefloor anthem of 2011.

A kiss off in a party tune may be nothing totally new, but The Blood Arm imbue 'The Creditors' with so much razzmatazz and skill with a tune that it sounds fresh, fun and fucking great. So fuck the creditors, let's party.

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