Friday, 1 July 2011

Pris - 'They Wear It Tight'

Glastonbury aside, the big news in the pop world this week came from - and dear god it's depressing to even type this - Brother. Who changed their name to the spectacularly shitter Viva Brother. It's almost like they're lining their music up to ask for a beating.

Thank fuck, then for Pris.

They've stormed in this week with another killer song 'They Wear It Tight'.

They Wear It Tight by I Love Pris

Whether or not the call of "Where have all the good punks gone" was written in direct response to Brother I couldn't say. But landing the track right now is incredibly timed. Musically it's kept tight to a digital rhythm with lashings of fuzzy bubblegum guitars whilst Cat's vocal treads a line between Courtney Love and Louise Werner. Singing at the close "We know that you will die out", is more a "Piss off" than kiss off and is the Pris manifesto in a nutshell.

I'm confident that Pris are going to be stars one day rather soon, but it seems rather unlikely they're going to want to toe the line and play ball with archaic organisations such as the NME. Pris are our band and if you can't revel in the sneers and massive pop choruses then you're probably in the wrong place.

Keep Pop Loud

Don't forget that Pris' debut single 'The Better You Look The More You See' / 'Blue Tack Baby' is due out soon too

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