Sunday, 17 July 2011

Our Lost Infantry – My God, It's Full Of Stars

In light of their being some fantastic rock bands buzzing about the UK right now and the fact that we've said some very nice things about Aldershot based four-pice Our Lost Infantry it only seems right to bring to your attention (somewhat belatedly) that they've a new single on their bandcamp. Hurrah!

The single is called 'My God, It's Full Of Stars' and it's available for a Pay What You Like price. Which is jolly nice of the chaps. As well as that you can listen to it just above this text. So you really don't need me to describe it for you. You should just scoot over and download it.

But seeing as it's Sunday and you're probably bored (or rushed off your feet and wanting some relief) I'll go to those lengths, for you dear Keep Pop Loud readers.

The neat and zippy guitar riff (that's one of the best KPL has seen all year) rolls over the keyboards whilst the stadium drums compliment the emotive vocal. The introduction of a piano under the vocal harmonies ensures that 'My God, It's Full Of Stars' sounds massive when the chorus hits. The grit on the rhythm section refuses to let up on the spoken word breakdown before everything jumps upward on the final chorus.

B-Side 'Vessels' is more experimental yet, bringing in a more progressive element to the pop rock sound. Beginning fairly expectedly it diverts from Coldplay-with-a-boot-up-the-arse introduction through a metal riffing middle passage. Despite the thrashing guitar and growled vocals this departure is bought in naturally after the gradual introduction of more textures. It's notable but not distracting from the overall tune which continues on throughout with the piano motif. Strange, but rather good methinks .

Again, Our Lost Infantry are for fans of contemporary rock groups like Tellison and Jumping Ships who all sound as though they could take on a large festival crowd and win.

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