Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lost Songs: The Be Be See – Disney Eyes

As is traditional, when I'm away for a couple of days I'll leave you with a lost classic pop song that deserves to be unearthed. The ironic thing is that as I'm not around to let you know that I've posted about it, it'll probably remain hidden.

Anyway, I'm in London/The South for a few days again and where last time was for a jolly and I left you with 'Something Colin Wore' by Twenty Three Persons (soon to feature on the Keep Pop Loud compilation) this time I'm leaving you with this essential piece of pop,

After a handful promising tracks including 'Eye T.V.' and 'You K Gold', The Be Be See released the single of a lifetime in 'Disney Eyes'. Following on from coverage in Artrocker they promptly split up. And we have no idea as to why. When discussing their influences everyone from Pulp to LCD Soundsystem to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons was mentioned. 'Disney Eyes' showcases wonderfully how the band managed to condense decades of perfect pop into one cut of three minutes and thirty seven seconds.

In a way it's hard to blame The Be Be See for splitting after this. It's hard to build from a single of this quality. Regardless of what the individual members are up to now we've got this.


Arianne said...

A real pity that the Be Be See were a one-hit wonder. Love Disney Eyes and none of the bad youtube videos the band has floating around the internet were on the same level.

PiggBox said...

lead singer/song writer of The Be Be See has a new band now.
debut single is available and an album scheduled for "very soon" too

check them out, they hav all of the craft and energy of the Be Be See.