Monday, 13 June 2011

Track of the Week: Kidnapper Bell – Everything Ever

Yes, Keep Pop Loud Records is go! We're gradually announcing the acts that are appearing on the exclusive, limited edition compilation CD and this week's Track of the Week is one of them - joining the previously announced Screaming Maldini, The Half Rabbits and Bordeauxxx.

Kidnapper Bell contribute the new song 'Everything Ever' as a showcase of their unique combination of new wave and scatter-shot punk-pop and demonstrate how they're by far the most exciting band to come out of Birmingham since Johnny Foreigner.

There's been some changes in Kidnapper Bell's camp since we last heard from them on the 'Falling And Laughing' / 'Mouthful Of Pennies' AA Side, with the departure of their drummer. But with recording continuing apace there's a bright future for the band with a planned EP for over the Summer and talk of a shift in direction – possibly as a side project.

But for now there's 'Everything Ever', which you can stream below. At once spikey and epic you can immediately tell why we wanted them for the CD. As well as being one of the few acts around to demonstrate a skilled application of post-punk influences they've got the DIY aesthetic down to a T, creating wonderful handmade packages for their excellent music and we're excited to have them on board.

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Kidnapper Bell - Everything Ever by kidnapperbell

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Katie said...

Yay! Good choice! Kidnapper Bell will make your CD shine. They relly are a fantastic group of musicians, and I know they're going to go far with whatever they decide to do - possible side projects and all! Lovely to see them talked about in a way that truly does them justice.

Muchas gracias!