Monday, 27 June 2011

Track Of The Week: Kaiser Chiefs - Heard It Break

When it comes to the fortunes of the Yorkshire element of the Mid-00s breakthrough brigade the difference in audience anticipation between Leeds’ Kaiser Chiefs and Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys could be no more different. Arctic Monkeys with nothing to prove simply invited us to ‘suck it and see and fucked off to do their own thing as they always have. For Kaiser Chiefs to survive in a climate where anthemic pop from guitar bands is derived - in favour of the quieter shades from groups such as Wild Beasts -nothing less than their best, most satisfying and carefully subtle set yet was demanded.

And they’ve only gone and pulled it off.

To highlight this best it is ‘Heard It Break’ (from the definitive band-selected version of The Future Is Medieval - which hits the shops today) that’s Track of the Week.

Initial listens suggest that there’s much more longevity in the 13 songs (+ Bonus) that are presented, but ‘Heard It Break’ immediately sticks out with a skittering garage beat that underpins Kaiser Chiefs most electronic song to date. The instrumentation is played incredibly tightly, winding itself around said beat whist Ricky Wilson’s vocal is filtered through a reverberation effect. The lyrics retain Kaisers playfulness but relegate any vocal filler to the waste bin with the “oh-oh-oh”s.

Time may yet prove ‘Man On Mars’ to be far superior to ‘Heard It Break’ but initial listens guarantee that this stands out and sticks in the mind.

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