Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Scumbag Philosopher – God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead

Scumbag Philosopher are a band destined to divide opinion. If it's not enough that they keep their attitudes and politics to the fore, the vocal is distinctly closer to being spoken that it is sung. In the same way that when most people (not me I assure you) first heard Art Brut and couldn't decide on whether they thought the band were shit or genius, it may take a few listens to anything by this gang of Norwich dwellers to decide if you actually like them or not.

If you don't have time for that then that's fine. However you will have 'God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead' in your head right from the first play. Sneakily and smartly it gets itself into yr consciousness and refuses to let go until you give it another listen. And another.

The artwork is ace. Clearly.

The Fall (with whom they've toured) are an obvious reference point. As are the aforementioned Art Brut. But unlike most of their contemporary art-popsters Scumbag Philosopher are pretty angry. Or at least, they don't like to hide any negativity. Intelligently letting out their scathing assault here on a certain type of Radiohead fan – the song was originally called 'Suburban Nietzsche Freak' (back when the band went under the name of Fuck Dress).

As you might expect, the lyrics are the key here. So I won't go spoiling them for you. Have a listen and a sly grin as you can be pretty much certain that Scumbag Philosopher are describing more than half of the Drowned In Sound message boards.

Scumbag Philosopher are certainly persistent, so don't expect that this'll be the last that you or I'll hear from and of them. So whatever you conclude – and I'm definitely leaning towards embracing the band – you have to appreciate their lack of compromise and DIY attitudes .

It's probably worth noting that Scumbag Philosopher aren't attacking Radiohead specifically here – more the attitudes that underpin a certain type of music fandom that in the past they attribute to Bowie fans – but I think probably points more towards a certain prog sect.

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