Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Screaming Maldini

Strangely, and despite everything, the paths of myself and Screaming Maldini had never passed until about two weeks ago. Even stranger is that they've never really been mentioned on Keep Pop Loud. Well let's say we rectify all of that right now.

Ladies and Gentlement – Sheffield's premier quirk-core popsters... SCREAMING MALDINI!!!

Signed to Alcopop! Records this Sheffield six-piece have already released two excellent EPs – And The Kookaburra.. and Restless Hearts And Silent Pioneers and will be releasing their debut album this year on French label HipHipHip.

Singer/guitarist Nick had previously cut his chops in defunct Sheffield post-punk heroes Situationists, forming Screaming Maldini after their split. He's joined by Gina (percussion & keyboards), Andy (trumpet), Chris (keyboards), Annie (bass) and Tom (drums). All of whom sing. Aside from Tom that is. The unorthodox line-up and plethora of vocals results in a mixture of offbeat indie and smart pop that feels like it could only ever have come together in the studenty suburbs of the Steel City that the band calls home.

Playing Peace In The Park this weekend just past (Saturday 4th) meant that I finally got around to seeing Screaming Maldini in their live setting. (This is despite essentially living minutes walk from their various members.) Wedged in-between some acoustic guitar playing cowboys and a band horrifically called the Mother Folkers they played a wonderful set that included the above 'Secret Sounds', 'The Extrodinary' and newbie 'Snowflake' all dressed in bright pink garments.

In fact we're so enamored with Screaming Maldini we've asked them to appear on the inaugural Keep Pop Loud Records release. To find out more about this exclusive compilation CD head over to our Facebook!

Screaming Madini are touring France with Alcopop! Label mates Johnny Foreigner over the summer. (Check their Facebook for dates)  but if you can't wait that long (or don't live in France) then come and see them at Tramlines where I believe they're playing SoYo.

Screaming Maldini's forthcoming album is set to be one of the best of the year, and certainly the most out-there. So prepare yourself by picking up their EPs from the Alcopop! Shop. 

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