Friday, 3 June 2011

The Perms

It's pop-punk/popwerpop o'clock. And our treat to lead us into the weekend is from Winnepeg trio The Perms – a band you may have come across on the Alcopop! compilation Alcopopular 4.

Relative unknowns in this country, The Perms have released five albums in Canada since their formation in 1998 with the latest being Sofia Nights, from which their new single 'High School High' is taken.

As you might be able to tell from the title, 'High School High' is a fun slice of summery guitar pop that's all about youthful hedonism and reacting to being confined in a small town. Sound-wise recalling both the better moments of The Offspring's later years and britpop legends Midget it's a earworm waiting to happen with plenty of bounce.

If you're one of those who takes everything with regards to music far too seriously, then The Perms probably aren't for you. This isn't music for beard stroking or dissecting, it's music for having fun with. But don't worry, The Perms are more than a few years outside of High School, so this isn't dumb frat-pop. There's a reflective nostalgia to 'High School High' that ensures it stands up to headphone enjoyment.

So kick back, crack open a beer and enjoy the weekend with The Perms.

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