Friday, 24 June 2011

Milk Maid - Not Me

Did you ever wonder what Nine Black Alps are up to these days? Well, after their third album their bassist left and he's now back with a band called Milk Maid who released their debut LP Yucca through Fat Cat Records on Monday.

From that album there's a single called 'Not Me' that seems like the perfect way to round off the week.

So, what can we expect from Milk Maid if we've not bothered to listen to that above video. More grungy college rock?

Nope, fuzzy lo-fi jangly goodness. Imagine Yuck with even lower production values. Melodic and hazy, at the two minute mark it goes full-on into a Jesus And Mary Chain type noise-fest, before revving itself back to crackling indiepop life again.

There's a massive dollop of early '90s going on here, but this sounds like it's been rescued of a long forgotten (but much loved) cassette tape, rather than a band from today trying to re-appropriate the sounds and aesthetics.

Milk Maid are making an appearance at Sheffield's Tramlines Festival this year at The Bowery on Saturday and are one that I'm definitely going to aim to catch.

Meanwhile if you've loved what you've heard here (and why wouldn't you?) then you can pick up Yucca through visiting Milk Maid's website.

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