Tuesday, 21 June 2011

H Bird - Danger Makers EP

Following on from their excellent album Operation: Fascination, H Bird have seen fit to supply us with a brand new EP. Three songs long, there's two completely new tracks supported by a live version of album highlight 'Danger Makers', to which the EP borrows it's name.

Going under the bracketed subtitle Live Grenades at Close Range Version, 'Danger Makers' comes to life even more than it's excellent studio counterpart. With the guitar more to fore it cements itself as one of the great underground pop earworms of the year. When you download this EP and fall in love with H Bird you won't be able to wait to get hold of the album, especially with the guarantee that it's not the out-and-out best song.

So then, the two newbies: 'Are You Coming On To Me' and 'A Millionairess In A Ruby Ring'. With the love that H Bird are getting at KPL Towers it may not surprise you to learn that one of these two songs is to appear on the inaugural Keep Pop Loud compilation CD – the only physical release it's due to get...

But we'll tease you on which one for now....

'Are You Coming On To Me' is the more guitar driven of the two, with a prominent riff and a snappy drum machine. There's even a brief bit of guitar heroics that wouldn't sound too out of place on the classic N64 game F-Zero X. But don't worry, this isn't DragonForce. We're still in the good old pop territory that we love, with a synthesiser keeping an eye on proceedings and the trademark H Bird vocal that you'd have heard on the excellent 'Violet'.

Which takes us on to 'A Millionairess In A Ruby Ring'. Squelchy synths and an ice cool vocal give the impression of an updated Human League, for the 21st Century (minus Phil Oakey of course). The vocal is ice cool with the detached air that betrays the Saint Etienne and Dubstar influences. It's perhaps the less immediate of the two, but in the long run better for it.

So yeah, H Bird are delivering on every promise that pop has ever made you - so you'd better follow Keep Pop Loud on Twitter for more info on when this ace EP is going to hit the internet.

And find the record label on Facebook too to find out just which song we've picked of H Bird's for the CD and who'll be joining them.

Go to Corporate Records site now to download this EP

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