Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Album Review: Dananananaykroyd – There Is A Way

Released: June 13th
Label: Pizza College

Thrillingly one dimensional, Dananananaykroyd’s second album is everything that we want it to be. From the epic guitar fun that is ‘Reboot’s instrumental intro to the cacophonous ‘Make A Fist’ there’s no let up… and it’s chuffing ace.

You’ve seen the video for ‘Muscle Memory’, and seeing as you’re on Keep Pop Loud you’re vaguely familiar with the Dananananaykroyd shtick, so musically There Is A Way doesn’t need much description. Carrying over from Hey Everyone! is the Hot Club de Paris-on-steroids guitar riffs and eardrum splitting drums. Only this time the drum kits have been reduced to one and the dual vocal attack is brought to the fore. Otherwise, this is more of what we love.

With no pop smash such as ‘Black Wax’ to break up proceedings initial listens to There Is A Way can get tiring on the ears and lead you to zone out a bit. But fear not, after several plays you’ll get used to this level of awesome and the songs zip by with choruses that you’ll just need to yell/scream along to. The only thing that'll stop you singing ‘E Numbers’ at full volume on the bus will be not being able to decipher the lyrics.

That’s not to say that there are no deft flourishes. The nimble groove of ‘Think And Feel’ marks the song out as a highlight and dead cert for future single release, while the aforementioned opener ‘Reboot’ (hopefully a reference to the mid 90’s TV show) ensures that the album slinks into earshot before letting lose with all firepower. Firepower like ‘E Numbers’. Opening with a QOTSA-like pummel, it finds room for handclaps and a big old grin. Easily the best example of what to expect from this album.

Essentially Dananananaykroyd are always more fun live than on record, but There Is A Way comes very close to capturing the energy. Being on album number two means that they’ve already outlived what was expected from their novelty name and with the underground alive with hardcore pop bands and DIY rock acts you could even argue that this album is the true sound of 2011

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