Monday, 23 May 2011

Track of the Week: BLESSA – Vices

EDIT: At the time this was written BLESSA were operating under the name Jack Rabbit.

Hopefully you remember Jack Rabbit. They were featured on Keep Pop Loud a few weeks ago. “Sheffield's newest hot property” I said. And that's still the case.

Well, this last week they landed a brand new song from a forthcoming EP that's currently in the process of being recorded. 'Vices' is an epic piece of indie rock that pairs the rattling of effected guitars and the striking female vocal and delivers on all of the promise of their early live sets. Deftly showcasing a combination of influences from both ends of the spectrum 'Vices' could easily be described as a combination of shoegaze and pop.

Although it's still very early days and there's a distance for Jack Rabbit to travel before they reach the mega status that they're destined for, there's little doubt that the band have got what it takes. With the right producer they'll be unstoppable, so get in now.

Vices by BLESSA

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