Friday, 20 May 2011

Our Lost Infantry

It’s not unheard of that several bands will surface at once, linked not by a location or sound but by a common intangible thread. A vague sonic aesthetic that means you just want to get the bands on a tour together and make sweet sweet carnage across the UK.

At the moment something seems to be bubbling up and could well be about to break the surface. With Alcopop! recently having signed both Jumping Ships and LightGuides who sit somewhere just outside of being punk, and Oxford tunesmiths Spring Offensive gradually making a name for themselves (check out this cover of ‘Bonkers’) now seems like a good time to introduce Our Lost Infantry to a wider audience.

Combining this rough edged rock with pianos and raw backing vocals, Our Lost Infantry certainly know how to pen a tune. There’s a level of intricacy to the arrangements that implies that, like Jumping Ships, they’ve a taste for post-rock and ensures that they're very difficult to pigeonhole as anything other than being a rock band. All of this is best displayed on their current single 'I Love You Sandra Billson (The Last Dance)’.

As well as being excellent, that single and accompanying B-Side ('Stalemate') are available from the Our Lost Infantry bandcamp for an amount of your choosing. Which is something that no-one can complain about.

For geography fans, Our Lost Infantry (can we call them OLI?) are based in Aldershot. So you Southern pop fans should go and see them if they're near you at some point (Upcoming shows include Guilford, Winchester, Harrow and Aldershot - more info at their bandcamp) - Of course this is demonstrative of how there are occasional disadvantages of being Sheffield based.

As well as 'Sandra Bilson', 'Stalemate' and 'Parkin' OLI have a handful of other songs that the uninitated should look at, including debut single 'The Arsonist', which leans more heavily on a keyboard. In the vicinity of Tellison, it's a bit of a cracker as you can see below:

With those songs and links in mind I'll leave you to enjoy Our Lost Infantry in peace. And I guarantee that you'll enjoy them.

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