Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Not Cool

I know I say 'indiepop' when I describe what Keep Pop Loud covers but I mean it in the loosest possible sense. Well really I use it because there's not really a word for the sort of thing that I do cover. 'Fight Pop' sorta cuts it for JoFo and Los Camp! but doesn't so much for Art Brut et al. You know what is a good term to use though?

Gutter Pop.

That's what Not Cool (songs play automatically) are described as any way. And it's a great term. We can't go anywhere without having to look up at 'stars', so why not say that we're all in the gutter. At least we can say we're in it together. It's a good place to be. The music's good.

Like Johnny Foreigner scrapping with No Age, Not Cool play punk music that's exciting, bristling and vital. They've just released a mini-album with Sleep All Day Records which goes under the apt name of Rugged Raw. You can stream some of the album by clicking that link there. There's even a free download of the excellently named 'Perfect Hair Forever'.

Opening with 'Retired To Stud', it's immediately gripping. The buzzsaw guitars ensure that the sweet vocal harmonies come across as hunting rather than endearing and minimal intrusion of the production ensures that the drums sound like drums rather than over-processed clattering. With a roomy echo that makes it feel like Not Cool recorded in a basement (a feel that's helped by the vieo below), they feel like the sort of band that you want pummelling yr eardrums .

This Is Fake DIY said that Not Cool “make you sweat just listening to it” and I'm finding it hard to disagree. The video to 'Queens' is squeezing itself out of my puny laptop and I'm trying to put into words just how much you need to give it the chance to wrap itself around yr pop buds.

If you like mclusky, Pixes, Johnny Foreigner, Dananananaykroyd, Male Bonding, No Age or any group of kids who like to force loud pop music into your face with sleezed up guitars (and who are not afraid of putting an actual song in there) you will definitely dig Not Cool. Go now. You've got all of the links.

Pretty tempted now to change the blurb on Keep Pop Loud to “Sheffield's only Gutter Pop Blog. Awesomely.” What do you think?

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