Friday, 27 May 2011

The History Of Apple Pie

It's official. All of the good bands names have been taken. I think that Our Lost Infantry took the last one. Now we've got bands with names like Not Cool, Grouplove and the ungooglable Best Friends. Hey don't get me wrong. Great bands all, but not great moinikers, if we're honest.

Worst of all though are The History Of Apple Pie. A band with a name so bad that I almost didn't bother checking them out. Just on principle. Well, that and the fact that NME seem to like them a lot. I've made up for that now though, and bloody good job. The History Of Apple Pie are everything that we want in a bunch of young upstarts, and may well be able to one day give The Pains of Being Pure At Heart and Best Coast a run for their money.

OK, that may be a bit hyperbolic at the moment. I'm saying that off the basis of only one track. That track is called 'Tug' and you're going to listen to it right now.

Tug by The History Of Apple Pie

The Pains & Best Coast references weren't just thrown out there based on not-great band names y'know. That sublime fuzzyness you can hear. That heart on sleeve, sumptuous melody. Well that's just ruddy special. In fact I'm almost afraid to listen to much more in case it ruins the illusion.

(Please note: I have actually listened to some more and they are brilliant)

I've been REALLY good to you this week so far. So seeing as it's Friday listen to this and wind down for the weekend. I'm just sorry that yr going to feel embarrased when someone asks you what yr listening to and you have to respond with “Why, this is The History Of Apple Pie.”

The History Of Apple Pie are playing the following dates:
The Sect – London – June 2nd
Indietracks Festival – July 30th
Field Day Festival – August 6th

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