Thursday, 12 May 2011

EP Review: Freeze The Atlantic – Colour By Numbers

Released: 18th April
Label: Alcopop! Records

Called as such because the EP comes with some crayons and the option to colour in the front cover, Colour By Numbers marks the debut of Freeze The Atlantic on Alcopop! Records and the start of what's clearly going to be something a bit ace.

Formed from members of Hundred Reasons and Reuben, Freeze The Atlantic are an entirely new proposition that sound unafraid of embracing their roots in the British post-hardcore movement of the early 2000's. Arguably less abrasive then they were in previous guises however, there's a kinship on 'Waking Up' (the opening track on the EP) with Dinosaur Pile-Up and an argument for them being seen as a British version of Foo Fighters at their peak.

As great as the lead track is however, it's eclipsed completely by 'The Alibi'. Mixing the grunge tinged guitars with top-notch drumming that mixes a four-to-the-floor chorus with tom rolls and fills in the skycraping-yet-pummeling bridge it's much more individual and not as easy to pigeon-hole. Based on 'The Alibi' alone it's easy to see Freeze The Atlantic making a big name for themselves in the PoP underground in the next year, and by the time the album lands we can fully expect them to be breaking out to the next level.

Closing with an acoustic version of 'Broken Bones' FTA take it down a notch, and whilst the rendition doesn't break any new musical ground it shows the bare bones of what's clearly a darn good song. If or when 'Broken Bones' gets unleashed in it's full form it's more than a little bit likely to be a crowd pleaser.

So, it's early days yet but Freeze The Atlantic have learned much from their years in this music game and they're applying themselves very well to this project. Expect brilliant things in the future and pick up this EP now for an ace taster in a unique package.

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