Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bordeauxxx - Every Holiday Is A Disaster

Second video of the day. Yes, I'm spoiling/bombarding you, but there's some bands that I just couldn't resist.

You may remember that I wrote an all too brief post on Bordeauxxx previous video 'Heartstrings' back in February. If you don't remember it go back now and have a quick look. I'll wait here.

Ace isn't it. Well they're back with a new single that's equally as brilliant. What's more it's available as a 'pay what you like' download from the Bordeauxxx bandcamp. Go and grab it.

In the intricate and clattering vain of Los Campesinos!, 'Every Holiday Is A Disaster' is one of those pieces of life-affirming indiepop that's guaranteed to rattle around your head for better or worse. It's a contemporary jangle that's an alternative to the American lo-fi. Also, it is utterly splendid. Watch it below.

Of course if you're like me then you prefer physical releases. The Bordeauxxx shop is here and has a limited number of physical copies of the single alongside the previous EP Mother's Ruin.

There's a Keep Pop Loud announcement coming soon that I'm ecstatic to say involves Bordeauxxx and 'Every Holiday Is A Disaster' so follow the KPL Twitter to make sure that you don't miss it!

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