Monday, 4 April 2011

Track Of The Week: Johnny Foreigner – Johnny Foreigner Vs You (Cursed Version)

As inevitable as Spring following on from Winter, Johnny Foreigner get a Track of the Week with some new material that's premiered on the web this week.

Johnny Foreigner is Cursed is the three-piece's second EP on Alcopop! Records and continues with the labels tradition of coming up with innovative new formats to release music on. Unfortunately (for you), this Frisbee EP (yes, it comes on a goddamn frisbee!) is already sold out, but once it's released on April 18th you should be able to pick up the MP3s from yr usual digital media store.

So, once we get past that delayed 'news' feature we get to the actual Track of the Week, 'Johnny Foreigner Vs You' (Cursed Version)

Johnny Foreigner Vs You (Cursed Version) by johnny foreigner

As you can hear it's a bit of a departure from the traditional JoFo sound, featuring heavily as it does, a piano. But don't worry, they've not gone Keane or something. The instrument is hypnotic and minimally present to provide backing for Alexei's paced vocal and Kelly's haunting backing. It's still very recognisably the band that we love, but is a showcase of a side that we might forget exists. (Although, as the title implies, we may see a 'rock' version of this come Album #3 time.)

But if that's not what yr after from JoFo right now they've made two songs from ...Cursed available to stream from Soundcloud, and the other one ('What Drummers Get') is much more what we're used to from the band, with added drum machine intro. ACES!

What Drummers Get by johnny foreigner

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