Friday, 15 April 2011


As you can probably tell, I've been busy trying to catch up on reviews these past two weeks and therefore may have slacked a bit when it comes to bringing you ace under-the-radar DIY pop bands. Luckily for you it's been worth the wait and I finally get to write a few words about why Pris are the next awesome thing.

For fans of Ramones, Kenickie, The Long Blondes, early Manics, Elastica and The Clash these girls (and boy) make for a fantastic lo-fi glam-punk racket. Now it's still very early days for the band and they're still very much unsigned but from the material they've got on offer I can guarantee that you'll love them. Even if they hate you.

We Hate You by I Love Pris

If that wasn't enough for you, it should be reassuring that Pris have the look nailed. It's that budget glam of The Long Blondes, that we all so miss from pop music. The combination of vintage shop polka dots and leopard print with sass, pout and killer haircuts. Of course, if Pris didn't have the tunes to back this look up they'd just be a bunch of fashionistas. Pris do have the tunes though, so if 'We Hate You' wasn't enough to convince you to keep an eye on these ladies (or go and see them if yr lucky enough to live in London) then check out 'Guessed You Would Be Depressed' for an example of their britpop-bubblegum.

Guessed You Would Be Depressed by I Love Pris

Or even the '50s girl-group inflictions and do-wop influence of 'Icon On A Motorbike'.

Icon On a Motorbike by I Love Pris
If Pris don't get yr pop senses tingling then I'm afraid there's something seriously wrong with you. If they're not the best unsigned band in the country then there's one hell of a hidden treat out there. Ladies and gents; this is the band that we've been waiting for.


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