Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's all happening at Alcopop!

Yesterday one of our most favourite record labels Alcopop! Records put out a couple of items of really good news. The first of these was that longtime pals (and all round ace band) Stagecoach are due to put out a new single....

… only it's not going to be released on Alcopop!...'s instead coming out on This Is Fake DIY, the home of other KPL faves You Animals and The Victorian English Gentlemens Club.

It seems that there's a bit of a love in going on between these two most brilliant of labels. They're hosting a stage together at The Great Escape festival in May and if you head to This Is Fake DIY you can download a free mixape that includes PoP artists such as Johnny Foreigner and Jumping Ships.

The Stagecoach single, double A side 'Jonah Lomu' / 'Tony Hawk' comes out on May 30th and you can rest assured that we'll bring you a stream/video on here as soon as it lands. In the meantime you can head to DIY and read about the inspirations behind the tracks.

So with all of that, what other news is there from Alcopop!?

Well, they've only gone and signed someone new haven't they. Introducing LightGuides

Alcopop! describes them as “awesome” and “The Xcerts-esque rock with an unmistalable scottish twang”. And what do you know – they're right.

Find out for yourself by downloading their track 'Midget Gems' from here.

Along with Johnny Foreigner and Jumping Ships, LightGuides mark out a distinctive sound for the label that's a fair distance from the indiepop folk that they made their name with. The direction that they're moving in is certainly one where post-hardcore and intricate punk interacts with a giant pop sensibilitiy. It's right up our street at Keep Pop Loud and I think if you've any sense all of the aforementioned will be exactly yr sort of thing too.

LightGuides are due a single in May and a Mini-Album in the summer. Safe to say, we'll be reviewing and featuring those.

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