Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Who's In Control? - Why British Sea Power have written the song of 2011

It's perhaps an obvious claim given the nature of the song and the way the world is turning, but when 2011 is recapped on summarising news features it'll be the opening track from Valhalla Dancehall that scores the footage.

With the video for 'Who's In Control?' being unveiled on Friday I wanted to take the time to reiterate why both British Sea Power are a band for the ages and why said single is THE soundtrack to 2011. Even though, basically it speaks for itself

British Sea Power - "Who's In Control" from British Sea Power on Vimeo.

Sex and riots, as seen in the footage above is essentially what the media at the beginning of 2011 saw nothing but. Said imagery is set to a powerful guitar riff that spirals upwards, leaving a feeling of freefall. The biting delivery a refreshing and evocative chord in comparison to the naval gazing blog pop scene.

That the track in question was written before said demonstrations and well prior the North of Africa and the Middle East setting light in revolution seems scarily prophetic. Landing the video the weekend of (the damp squib that was) the Liberal Democrats Sheffield conference could have turned into an even greater master-stroke too.

Although arguably non-judgemental on the subject of the riots, 'Who's In Control?' hardly seems to take a positive slant towards the idiotic and hasty Tory government cuts. “I'm a big fan of the local library” howls Yan, foreseeing the first blameless institution to be targeted by Cameron's goons in cutting the state. (“Were you not told / Everything around you's being sold”)

But with Libya essentially in the mist of civil war, Egypt and Tunisia having overthrown their dictators it's oh, so fulfilling to listen to listen to 'Who's In Control?'. Even though “no, don't say, it could go either way” we'll listen to this BSP masterpiece in years to come and be reminded of a time when the world was on a tipping point.

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Anonymous said...

Protest songs. Hardly original, even if protesting seems to be the in-thing this year. Good song though and a good band, but not the best on their album Valhalla Dancehall. The video... ahem. Where do I get the canon camera from? It's advert right?