Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club

This year looks set to be a very good year for our friends at This Is Fake DIY. Not only are they moving into having an actual print edition but they're releasing albums from two of the brightest lights in the UK underground.

Now, I'm gushed a couple of times before about how AMAZING You Animals are, and you can rest assured that within the next few days there will be a review of their great debut album Crimes, Creeps & Thrills. But what you might not be expecting is how mind-fuckingly ace the new single by The Victorian English Gentlemens Club is.

For the un-initiated, The VEG Club (as I like to call them) are a three-piece from Cardiff who have in their times undergone a few line-up changes and released two full length albums.

Their self-titled debut (2006) was sparse and strange post-punk, all wiry and spidery guitar riffs and intermittent yelping. It was pretty damn ace, and I was lucky enough to catch a couple of their appearances at Sheffield's legendary Fuzz Club around this time. (It was at one of these appearances I picked up their split 7" with You Say Party! We Say Die! - a forgotten gem if ever there was one)

Since this debut they've signed to the aforementioned This Is Fake DIY and put out album #2 Love On An Oil Rig in 2009. Now they're preparing album #3 Bag Of Meat and leading the campaign with this single.

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club - A Conversation by thisisfakediy

Take a moment to listen to that if you will. The band have discussed the song as being about "a conversation between a woman and her executioner just before her beheading" but yr probably more concerned with how it sounds. Well, aside from ace it's heavier and much more fleshed out than The VEG Club's previous material. Fans of Hold Your Horse Is should flock to this like the news of celebrity deaths to Twitter.

So KPL advice for the day: give The Victorian English Gentlemens Club some time over the next few days and if you like what you hear then invest in their first two records, I can guarantee that they're worthwhile purchases.

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