Monday, 21 March 2011

Track Of The Week: The Winter Olympics – I Miss The Nineties

Aside from apologising for this being late (the song came out a week ago) I don't know how to start with this. So here goes: 'I Miss The Nineties' is more than just a massive sounding glam-pop song. It's the 'All My Friends' for the kids of the 1990s.
Although arguably it relies on the audience borrowing some nostalgia of the decade from the band the sentiments expressed seem nothing but genuine. Cultural references from MegaDrive to Bill And Ted are reeled of almost constantly throughout the song and (superb accompanying video) until the track climaxes with the emotional crux “I miss the people that we were / I miss the ones we might have been”

And, wallop! That's one to the gut, that along with spotting all of the references to the films and TV that you grew up with, keeps you coming back to 'I Miss The Nineties'. Admittedly it does help that this latest single by The Winter Olympics has possibly the catchiest chorus of the year so far, but I think it's one that's destined for the End of Year List.

Listen to it NOW!

You can find out more about The Winter Olympics here and buy the single either on CD or Cassette at their online store.

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