Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Track Of The Week (Part 2): Art Brut – Lost Weekend

Art Brut sure do love the weekends. They've written about good ones, bad ones and really bad ones. Now it's the turn of the 'Lost Weekend'.

The lead single from Album #4 and it's a bit of a surprise that Art Brut have got this far. When they hit with 'Formed A Band' back in 2004 they were assaulted with insults about Eddie not being able to sing and the rest of the band not being able to play. Now they're proper indiepop institutions and international treasures. Not that it's undeserved of course, the Brut are one of the best damn bands that we have, and as you might have assumed after what I said yesterday, Eddie is by far one of my favourite songwriters.

Musically this is business as usual for Art Brut. Their fuzzy rock complemented by a full out glam rock solo that closes the track. The big surprise is that Eddie has actually learnt how to sing. Working again with Pixies man Frank Black as producer Eddie's singing voice has been brought out, and even though it's barely above a murmur it adds a new and unexpected element to the Art Brut sound.

The video's not appeared yet, so in the meantime here's a radio rip. I'll update with the video when it drops so check back

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