Wednesday, 23 March 2011


At Keep Pop Loud we champion fuzzy indiepop. That's our 'thing'. It seems rude in that respect to not introduce you to Mazes. We don't want to be rude, so here's a song by the band that we think you'll like.

Mazes - Most Days by FatCat Records

Introduction out of the way I think I can drop the third person now. As I hope you've just heard, Mazes are rather delightful. Like The Crookes the band quite clearly take influence from early rock n roll records, but unlike The Crookes' slick recordings they have taken things down an altogether more lo-fi route. Shuffling along and installing a massive urge to dance Mazes have hit on altogether brilliant formula.

It's good therefore to know that as well as the above 'Most Days' Mazes have other great songs in their arsenal. 'Vampire Jive' is one of them.

Mazes - Vampire Jive by Paul Lilley

We're not the only ones to be enamoured with this. The band are due out a record on Fat Cat Recordings and the staff at Rough Trade Shops were impressed enough by the above song that they included it on their Counter Culture 10 compilation, where it's by far one of the best songs.

(Talking of compilations, if you want to grab 'Most Days' then, head to yr newsagents and pick up Artrocker magazine who've included it on their covermount (along with ace tracks from Ringo Deathstarr, Mojo Fury and The Chapman Family)

Keeping it short and sweet is hardly novel at the moment thanks to the success of The Vaccines and Best Coast (the latter of whom Mazes are due to support in Sheffield at the end of April) but Mazes ensure that everything sounds fresh. I guarantee that most of you will love this and that Keep Pop Loud will be following these guys up pretty soon.

Find out more about Mazes and their up-and-coming tour dates (most of which are supporting the equally fuzzy Dum Dum Girls) here.

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