Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Jumping Ships

Delaying the review of Chapel Club's EP, which was going to go live today, comes a double whammy of news from Jumping Ships.

First up, their track 'Bad Outweighed The Good' is this weeks track in the Big Scary Monsters '11 Collection. In case you've STILL not subscribed to it yet I'm once again encouraging you to do so. Jumping Ships join ace acts such as Rival Schools man Walter Schreifels and rocking-popsters Bear Cavalry on the MP3 subscription list that is VERY GOOD!

The big news though is that Jumping Ships have a new single out on Alcopop! Records on March 7th. Huzzah!

I know you all loved 'The Whole Truth' when I featured it as Track of the Week back in January so despite this not having a video yet I'm giving you the heads-up on it now.

As you can hear it reaches for a more epic place than the aforementioned TotW but is no less punchy or aces!

Jumping Ships - Heart And Hope by WhiteboardPRO

You can pre-order 'Heart And Hope' on CD and t-shirt from the Alcopop! Store which is something that I recommend you do. Meanwhile, The Orientation EP (which contains 'The Whole Truth' and 'Bad Outweighed The Good') is still available from the band here for £5.99

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