Thursday, 24 March 2011


Another introduction to a potentially excellent band today on Keep Pop Loud as I FINALLY get around to bringing Flashguns to yr attention again.

I reviewed a previous single ('Locarno') by the band this time two years ago and called the track "a pretty little indie song". I stand by that, but musically the band no longer seem to.

Luckily I caught them supporting Dananananaykroyd on their tour last month and saw that the three-piece have bolstered their sound massively since we last heard from them. They now deploy their anthemic songs with highly skilled instrumentation that even allows for the odd rock wig-out without sounding wankey. Flashguns only performed a very short set but they did so with self-confidence to match that of festival headliners, leaving us with very little doubt that they're destined for very big things.

So, it's pleasing that when things start getting a bit conventional indie-rock they land us with such a high quality single.

Think John Hughes films, jangly '80s indie, a soaring chorus that's bound to get stuck in yr head and a yearning, powerful vocal performance.

Let's watch 'Passions Of A Different Kind'


Like all new(ish) bands these days they've also got a download that you can stream or nab from Soundcloud.

Flashguns - Racing Race by Top Button Digital

I think we can all agree that Flashguns have the potential to be a very good thing. We'll keep an eye on them, and you should to.

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