Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Darkness – a scissor kick up the arse of pop music

I’m actually genuinely excited about the return of some-time whipping boys The Darkness. Whether we’re too cool to admit it or not, back in 2003 The Darkness were one of the brightest lights in the British pop scene. A debut album of 10 faux-cock rock anthemic blasts, a catsuited-up stage show and the fact we all knew that they didn’t really mean it all amounted to the most fun possible.

The split didn’t surprise after the underperforming (but still great) second album. That it conformed to all sorts of rock clichés (side projects, drug habits etc) only served to lessen the legacy of The Darkness in the eyes of the alternative music press. Permission To Land was sadly absent from End of Decade lists whilst only Pitchfork remembered ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’. Now that decent pop music is starting to creep it’s way back into the Top 40 and reformations no longer carry a stigma, it’s time we all realised what we can get from the return of The Darkness.

Ed, Justin, Dan and…. and … Frankie! Yes, this is the classic line-up. And that’s a picture that we can all revel in. What’s yr favourite bit? Justin’s tasche? Frankie’s hair? The fact that Dan actually looks younger? My personal favourite is that there’s new material due.

Right now, with governmental cuts and a general gray feeling of depression hanging over the UK we need a bit of musical abandon in our lives. There’s no reason why, alongside our beloved indiepop bands playing in pubs up and down the nation we can’t also worship at the enormodomes of catsuit clad megastars… as long as we all get that it IS all played for laughs - because that's what rock music is about.

This isn't ironic. Hawkins is a great songwriter and I’m not exaggerating when I say that the forthcoming album from The Darkness is now the most eagerly anticipated of 2011 (sorry Art Brut) at KPL Towers. You can pencil me in for any tour they do too… as long as it doesn’t clash with one from Pulp of course.

Now…. Where are The Hives?

EDIT: NME (yes really) agrees with KPL on this one

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