Monday, 28 February 2011

Track Of The Week: You Animals - What A Shame Lorraine

Despite a sterling effort from Dananananaykroyd, with their new free download, this week You Animals take the 'coveted' Track of the Week spot with their forthcoming single 'What A Shame Lorraine'.

As I've mentioned before, You Animals are on the wonderful This Is Fake DIY Records who have been awesome enough to send me a copy of the album to review (check back later for that). So I've been listening to Crime, Creeps & Thrills and confirm that it's a proper good 'un. And in the tradition of lead singles, 'What A Shame Lorraine' showcases this quite well.

Slick and quick guitar pop, with a Young Knives style vocal. The guitars are sharp and the melody fleshed out by the keyboards. With the catchy-as-hell chorus, I'm willing to bet that 'What A Shame Lorraine' is the song that you've been waiting for and that the album is going to be up there in yr end of year list come the end of 2011.

Last mention goes to the video which is set at the seaside and features a nice shot of some offshore windfarms as well as some contrasting amusement arcade shots. The band playing in a near-empty pub is some nice self-depracation too, and I'm hoping something that's not going to happen to them in real life any longer.

You Animals - What A Shame, Lorraine from This Is Fake DIY Records on Vimeo.

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