Monday, 21 February 2011

Track Of The Week: Thomas Tantrum - Sleep

You may have gathered that there's a lot of love for Thomas Tantrum at KPL Towers. Small surprise really when they're delivering singles such as 'Sleep', a song that'd be TotW any week.

As you'll see from the delightfully quirky video below the lead single from the forthcoming Thomas Tantrum album is a soul inflected indie dancefloor cracker. You'll be singing the chorus for days whilst bobbing around and grinning like a complete fool.

Although it's apparent that the Tantrum have developed a more refined sound for album number two it's a progression that ensures they still sound exactly like Thomas Tantrum. Yes it's slicker, but also packs in the discordant guitars that sets them apart from any of their artpop counterparts.

On a visual note, the aforementioned video actually looks as though it was recorded with an actual budget with the band playing on roller-coaster carts and a puppet that bears an uncanny resemblance to Coraline. It's cool, but slightly creepy.

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