Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thomas Tantrum - Cold Gold

I know I'm bombarding you yet again, but there's so much fantastic music coming out right now that if I sat on this and gave it a deserved Track of the Week slot it'd be more than a week in the public realm and not only will you have already heard it, but there'd be something else that should also be Track of the Week and we'll be in a right mess.

Anyway, Thomas Tantrum are giving us another taster of their forthcoming second album. (You might remember the ace free download EP that the band put out just before Xmas being the first taster.) The album, which currently appears to be unnamed, is due out in the Summer on Stranger Records and from 'Cold Gold' sounds as though we're going to be seeing/hearing a more refined take on the Thomas Tantrum sound that we all love.

The scratchyness of the guitars has been wound down a bit here, meaning that although still plenty spiky 'Cold Gold' veers closer to being simply perfect pop than it does to anything too post-punky. In essence, what the Tantrum are doing seems to be updating the new wave template into something cool and contemporary.

Although this is going to sound as though I'm repeating myself here, along with fellow art-popsters The Answering Machine and Those Dancing Days, Thomas Tantrum are setting themselves up for a pretty ace follow-up to a debut album that I've got a lot of love for. This underground pop is exactly what's called for in our lives right now and there's a lot of ace bands fighting for our attention. Thomas Tantrum certainly deserve some of this.

Thomas Tantrum - Cold Gold by Music Week

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