Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mojo Fury - Colour Of The Bear

Released: February 14th
Label: Graphite

Whilst they're still very new on the national pop consciousness, Mojo Fury have been active since 2004, since forming in Northern Island. Still, with Pulled Apart By Horses owning much of last year it feels as though now is the time for the three piece to be mounting their post-hardcore influenced assault.

'Colour Of The Bear's fuzzed-up guitars riff on fantastically whilst, unusually the rhythm section hits both hard and with groove. It's a complete left-turn from the keyboard bounces that announce the song, recalling as they do Mojo Fury's former touring partners and countrymen Two Door Cinema Club.

Yes, it's misleading, but at the end of the day that's just a part of what makes the band interesting. As is their willingness to play with genres that in less-enlightened musical climates would risk them losing listeners. Take the way the occasional reverbed guitars and straining vocals recall the more commercially friendly strands of emo. It shouldn’t work, but it does when placed alongside the schizophrenia of other sounds.

'Colour Of The Bear', whilst not being particularly refined or overtly commercial is exactly the sort of single that you could imagine becoming a success. It certainly (along with the previous track 'The Mann') bodes well for a debut album and if the name Mojo Fury ends up being banded around across several popscenes by the end of 2011 we shouldn't be particularly surprised.

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