Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Kidnapper Bell

You know how I hate lumping too much praise on young bands before they've had the chance to get to know their own music? Well, I'm sticking to my guns on that count but am going to go as far as saying that Birmingham's Kidnapper Bell are actually very promising.
They don't seem to have done much so far, but they've the contemporary post-punk inflections that I always love when they're used right. And, boy does their forthcoming single use them right.

Called 'Falling And Laughing' it has the shimmering minimalism of early Bloc Party, whilst the combination of heart-in-throat lead and angelic backing vocals brings to mind (the hugely underrated) stellastarr*. With a nice prominent (and propulsive) bass and twinkling keyboards in the background it recalls more New York than it does Birmingham, but with such a rich sound I'm sure we can agree that this is a very good thing.

Kidnapper Bell - Falling and Laughing by kidnapperbell

More Birmingham sounding is 'Falling And Laughing's other A Side, 'Mouthful Of Pennies' which, with it's punkier aesthetic and stopy-starty yelpyness, can't escape comparisons to their fellow city-folk Johnny Foreigner. It's not quite up to the same standards as 'Falling And Laughing' but a promising peek at the band in development nonetheless.

Kidnapper Bell - Mouthful Of Pennies by kidnapperbell

You can order this two track single from Kindnapper Bell here, and based on 'Falling And Laughing' alone I strongly suggest that you do. They're unsigned too, so it'll be giving the band some nice support and it's only £2, so you've not really got an excuse.

Keep yr ears out for these, for I daresay KPL will be featuring them again in the future.

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