Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hold Your Horse Is

You like Hold Your Horse Is. Although… you may not actually know it yet.

Signed to Big Scary Monsters (need you any more recommendation?) they have tunes as awesome as their name. Unless you think Hold Your Horse Is is a rubbish name – in which case the tunes are actually lots more awesome and you're not.

If you're one to shy away from big crunchy riffs because yr not a fan of the growly vocal style that so often accompanies post-hardcore then keep reading – for HYHI are the band for you. Said riffs are as bludgeoning as anything that, say, Pulled Apart By Horses have come out with, but are accompanied by a much more indie-friendly vocal. Basically it's proper rock music that you can sorta dance to (providing you're not too fussed about how coordinated you are) and can definitely sing along to – thanks to the clear vocal.

Their brand new song and cameo-tastic video 'Forgive And Forget' hit the interwebs yesterday and you should really watch it right now.

It's also a free download from the bands website.

You should consider this a a full-on endorsement of Hold Your Horse Is. And something of an apology that they didn't make Track of the Week with 'Forgive And Forget'. Assume that at some point in the next few months they'll take the spot however.

If the above video's not enough for you then there's a bit of material available on their bandcamp for 'pay what you like', some stuff on Soundcloud and the shop has further goodies that you can purchase.


Whilst you're investigating them and Big Scary Monsters you should totally subscribe to the BSM '11 collection. It features 52 songs (one each week of the year) plus a free CD from a selection from the BSM catalogue. This week's track is from Walter Schreifels, the sometime frontman of post-hardcore heroes Rival Schools. It's fantastic.

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