Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bordeauxxx - Heartstrings

Here's an indiepoptastic video for a Thursday.

It's a song called 'Heartstrings' and it's by a band called Bordeauxxx who are a five-piece from London. It's very highly recommended for people who enjoy the ecstatic indiepop of Bis, The Bobby McGee's, early Los Campesinos! and videos that feature lots of balloons.

I apologise that I don't have the time to write anything more insightful about the song, but I think that if you like the sort of stuff I talk about on KPL then you should like 'Heartstrings'. It does after all have handclaps!

That was nice wasn't it. If you enjoyed it then you can download the song just here.

Bordeauxxx - Mother's Ruin - 03 Heartstrings by WhiteboardPRO

And if you really enjoy it you can download the whole EP, which is called Mother's Ruin from Bordeauxxx's bandcamp page for free.

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