Friday, 7 January 2011

You Animals

There’s an episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted is off to meet the woman who a dating site has determined is his ideal partner. Finding her is the motivation behind much the character’s existence and in the lead up to the meeting he imagines his whole life with her. Their future, their children, their old age. Everything.

So he decides not to meet her. Keep their relationship pristine by never initiating it. Why bother when it already exists perfectly in his head. He knows exactly how it will go and there’s no fun in that.

This goes for Tip Season too. When someone’s getting a certain amount of press based on not much material you know how it’s going to go. The big album release, the high-octane gigs in slightly too small venues, the non-album single, the disappointing second record. Hell, we’ve all just lived out lives with The Vaccines/James Blake/The Naked And Famous in our heads.

Let’s take a risk and spend some time with something that may be rather good instead. And I’m talking longer term – not just for 2011.

You Animals have been signed to This Is Fake DIY Records, which is already home to We Are The Physics, Popular Workshop and The Victorian English Gentlemens Club. They’re from Derby and the cover of the Japanese release of their debut album (Crimes, Creeps and Thrills) looks like Admiral Ackbar in front view.


But most importantly, they’ve got a couple of songs that are more than a wee bit listenable.

‘What You Want/What You Need’ is the prime cut amongst these, with some shouty gang vocals that make for obvious comparison to Los Campesinos!. Musically, rather than being charmingly shambolic they’re sharp and tight, walking the fine line between indiepop and post-punk revival. It’s guaranteed to make your feet move.

Otherwise there’s the punk-pop goodness of ‘Halfway to Heartbreak’ and indie-rock epic ‘Shotgun Valentine’ – both of which are available as free downloads with corresponding b-sides at You Animals bandcamp page.

previous singles by You Animals

If you can’t wait until the spring for the UK release of the album or require further proof then listen to this EP of alternate/gentler mixes and takes.

Same Sky, Different Sea E.P.
Same Sky, Different Sea E.P. by You Animals

No hyperbole – You Animals are a strong band with good material and I’ll be keeping an ear out for forthcoming material. You should as well.

Let’s have those links again:

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