Monday, 3 January 2011

Track of the Week: Pete And The Pirates - 'Winter 1'

And so we kick of 2011 with a brand spanking new song from artpop heroes Pete And The Pirates. Little Death was one of my top records of 2008 and it's been a nailbiter waiting for the Reading band to return.

As always, Track of the Week is merely my way of pointing you towards a single new song that's very much worth listening to this week at expense of any others.

'Winter 1' is the first taster of the forthcoming Pete And The Pirates New Record (as it's being referred to) on Stolen Recordings. It showcases a fairly large leap in the bands sound, being built around a repetitive bass line as it toys with a cyclical structure. This prevents the song from being as immediate as first album singles such as 'Mr Understanding' or 'Come On Feet', but lends the song a fresher air. The fairground organ that enters a quarter the way from the end instantly recalls Modern Life Is Rubbish era Blur, but aside from this it's hard to draw comparisons between the new Pete And The Pirates sound and anyone else around.

Multiple listens ensure that 'Winter 1' becomes a surprising earworm and the unexpected nature of the new sound guarantees the return for more.

As well as the video below 'Winter 1' is available as a free download from the Pete And The Pirates bandcamp page. Alongside this there is also a free EP of demos called Precious Tones which is similarly worth grabbing.

Pete and the Pirates - Winter 1 from Stolen Recordings on Vimeo.

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