Monday, 10 January 2011

Track of the Week: Jumping Ships – The Whole Truth

If Royal Mail were a bit better at getting deliveries to me then this Track of the Week may have ended up being my favourite cut from Valhalla Dancehall by British Sea Power, which is actually released today. But that's not to say that 'The Whole Truth' is merely a second choice type of track. No sir.

Jumping Ships
are the latest signings to one of our favourite labels at KPL: Alcopop! Records – also home to The Attika State, Stagecoach and Johnny Foreigner.

This is what they look and sound like:

If you're not going to listen to them right now – then shame on you – they're for those who like their pop loud, and punk poppy. Think Tellison powering through 'The Beginning of the Twist' and you're almost there.

'The Whole Truth' is available to download from the Alcopop! soundcloud page so head over there and get some Jumping Ships onto your portable music device.

They're due a single and EP within the next couple of months, so keep your ears out for that.


John Wilko said...

Blimey, I wasn't expecting that to be that good. It's brilliant.

Why on earth is that not on the radio?

tfleetham said...

Agreed, Reminds me of We are scientists.
Straight from 2004-5