Monday, 24 January 2011

Track Of The Week: The Half Rabbits – We'll Sleep Again

Oxford is shit-hot right now. You've probably come across the Foals lead Blessing Force scene that the NME is getting in a twist over and I've mentioned before my love for Alcopop! Records and Big Scary Monsters labels.

So, let's throw something new into the mix: Spires: A Collection of Music from Oxford Bands is a free showcase of some of the different sides that the city has to offer. All of the bands involved have kindly donated tracks to this mix, including Ute and Spring Offensive as well as the wonderfully named rockers Dial F For Frankenstein. Of course while you can make up your own mind on which song/band is your favourite from the selection, mine, (and therefore this week's track-that-you-should-definitely-listen-to) comes from post-punkers The Half Rabbits.

'We'll Sleep Again' stands pretty much in a field of it's own, but if you think of Maxïmo Park's less full on moments or Franz Ferdinand at their most arch, filtered through a hefty Magazine influence, then you'll get an idea of where they're coming from. It's a refreshing sound, which means that it's good to see that there's plenty more material from The Half Rabbits available from their website.

If you need any more convincing then the video is right here:

The Half Rabbits: We'll Sleep Again from AdamPellinDeeve on Vimeo.

This single isn't on their recently released album From The Horizon To The Map but forms a half of a Double A Side with 'Of This City' which is. But like I said, you can go and grab 'We'll Sleep Again' along with the rest of the Spires Compilation right now.

It's ace. You should get it. I can guarantee that there's something on there that you'll fucking love.

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