Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Johnny Foreigner - Harriet etc

Johnny Foreigner basically own a spot on here, so what better to show you than their killer new video for 'Harriet, By Proxy' from last year's you thought you saw... EP.

It's all been done independent of any budgets and is properly by and for the fans.

It all ties in nicely with Alexei (I assume)'s rant against this 'Death of Rock' crap that we're hearing about everywhere (seriously, do Channel 4 news have so little else to report on?). Written for Rock Sound magazine, there's no better State of Music address that you'll read this year. Guaranteed!

He concludes with this:
"Pick your bands, pick yr writers, all that stuff that goosebumps you thru otherwise colourless and drab times, and know that if they stop, have to get "real" jobs, it'll be your fault and your loss. and i hope we're both still here on the other side."

But you should go and visit Johnny Foreigner's Blog and read the whole thing which takes in DIY, rock dinosaurs, broadsheet bullshit and the awesomeness of Pulled Apart By Horses. Go!

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