Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Keep/Pop/Loud Festive Fifty 2010 – Part 4

The Keep/Pop/Loud Top 50 Songs of 2010 - Part 4 (#10-#02)

The penultimate part of the Festive Fifty countdown. I hope you've been paying attention. Slackers can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

#10) 'Rules Don't Stop' – We Are Scientists
I enthused about this back in March and it still sounds as good then as it ever did. The amount of indie dancefloor fillers has decreased massively in the past couple of years, but what has remained is quality. 'Rules Don't Stop' is nothing fancy, nothing original and very short. It hits the spot like really nothing else.

#09) 'Conversation 16' – The National
The National however hit a completely different spot. As we all know, they've got the talent for penetration straight to the inner core and tugging hard at the heartstrings. People can take from their songs what they wish, and with 'Conversation 16' I take a lot. There's an essay it what it makes me feel somewhere, but I wont bore you with that.

#08) 'MY KYZ, UR BF' – Everything Everything
When I put this song up as Track of the Week at the very beginning of the year I couldn't really imagine that it would have stayed with me til the list at the end. Schizophrenic, mental and to many people grating, I wouldn't have Everything Everything any other way.

#07) 'ATM' – Sky Larkin
Ah Sky Larkin, you always know what to say. It's another really cold winter and I'm just really glad that I've got you there with songs like 'ATM' to keep me warm. You're truly ace Sky Larkin. Thanks for existing.

#06) 'Giving Up The Gun' – Vampire Weekend
Is it surprising that Vampire Weekend have fallen out of flavour with the hipsters when they're writing songs of this size? No, not really. If you're the sort of person that can't admit to enjoying something as brilliant as the key change in 'Giving Up The Gun' then you're not really a pop fan, are you?


#05) 'Fembot' – Robyn
I massively neglected this on release. After more listens to Body Talk Part 1 it suddenly clicked. The dehumanising effects of the vocoder highlighting the underlying emotional strains. The tight beats reflecting the sci-fi references in Robyn's vocals that are almost rapping. Superb.

#04) 'Black Sheep' – Metric
Whereas Metric, despite me never having paid attention to them previously delivered a song that's brilliance was instantaneous. Their contribution to the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack blew away all competition, leaving even Beck trailing behind. I said pretty much everything when this was Track of the Week. Now it's damn close to being Track of the Year.

#03) 'Ambling Alp' – Yeasayer
'Ambling Alp' arrived barely days late to be on last year's countdown. Lucky for it really. Familiarity has heightened rather than dulled it's impact and it benefits from being surrounded by equally brilliant songs on parent album Odd Blood. For my money, this is better than anything Animal Collective have ever done.


#02) 'Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)' – Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire were going to appear somewhere in the list, that was inevitable. Those who know me aren't going to be surprised at my choice of songs from The Suburbs. This presses all the right buttons for me, as evidenced by it being Track of the Week on release. It's new ground for Arcade Fire and an utterly classic pop song. Can we have it as a single now please?
#01) Will be revealed on Monday, as Track of the Week.
Guesses are welcome. I'll see you then.

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