Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Keep/Pop/Loud Festive Fifty 2010 – Part 2

The Top 50 Songs of 2010 #35-21
Festive Fifty 2010 - Part 2 (#35-#21)

Part 1 is here. Read it first.

#35) 'Bear' – British Sea Power
A gorgeous piece from the Zues EP. It sees BSP embracing the glacial-isms of Open Season with the more musically playful undertones that recall Arcade Fire.
#34) 'Boxer' – The Gaslight Anthem
The moment from American Slang that retains the most from The '59 Sound is it's best. 'Old White Lincoln Pt. 2' as it essentially is, is more than fine by me.
#33) 'Tiger Girl' - 65daysofstatic
Epic doesn't go far enough in describing this 10+ minute instrumental. The glitches and sweeps are as emotionally moving as the best pop and physically impacting as the best dance music.
#32) 'Five Trees' – Chapel Club
Wonderfully smoky gloom pop. This Track of the Week across best on a 7" single if I'm honest, but the prospects for a full length are looking damn good.
#31) 'Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)' – The Vaccines
Short but oh, so sweet. In under a minute and a half The Vaccines accomplish perfection that so many bands yearn for. I almost want them to split up now so they don't sully this.
#30) 'She Needs Me' – Fyfe Dangerfield
A faux-Northern Soul stomper, it's the song that should have made Fyfe the big star. Fully fleshed out instrumentation and THAT vocal. Nearly as good as Guillemots.
#29) 'Free The Pterodactyl 3' – Hot Club de Paris
This former Track of the Week seems to have flown under most radars thanks to only being released on an EP. Subtle and intricate, it's one of Hot Club's very best. High praise.
#28) 'Undercover Martyn' – Two Door Cinema Club
Trends will come and go, but glossy indie dancefloor fodder will not be forgotten by Keep Pop Loud. Especially when it's this catchy. Earworm of the year? Very possibly.
#27) 'Obsessions' – Marina & the Diamonds
Despite or perhaps thanks to the talk of purchasing cream crackers 'Obsessions' is an oddly affecting dissection of breaking up. Also a great example of 'throw everything in' pop.
#26) 'Compliments' – Band of Horses
Ah, the big open skies of America. 'Compliments' is the sound of open roads, rock radio and a dozen other things that I've only ever experienced through this brand of Americana.
#25) 'I Feel Better' – Hot Chip
I used to HATE Hot Chip. Really. But this is special. Life affirming even. Like all of the best pop it's hard to tell on first listen if it's utter crap or genius.
#24) 'Do It Again' – Edwyn Collins feat. Alex Kapranos & Nick McCarthy
This week's Track of the Week. It's a perfect meeting of Orange Juice and Franz Ferdinand. There's not really anything more that can be asked for from life.
#23) 'Stop The Music' – The Pipettes
Despite all of the line-up changes The Pipettes still manage to come out with this stormer. Granted, it's no 'Pull Shapes', but Track of the Week #13 was close to lightning striking twice.
#22) 'Rambling Man' – Laura Marling
Laura Marling possesses a voice that could make the government cuts sound fantastic. Here she puts it to the best possible use on a goosebump inducing classic.
#21) 'Alice Springs' – Mystery Jets
The perfect opener to Mystery Jets best album yet. Vaguely '80s tinged pop with emotive shifts and rock drumming that effortlessly rolls the toms.
Part 3 of the countdown which will stop just short of the Top 10 will be up tomorrow. You know where it's at.

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