Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Keep/Pop/Loud Festive Fifty 2010 – Part 1

The Top 50 Songs of 2010 #50-36
A few points:
1) Limited to one song per artist
2) Songs from 2009 albums that have been released as singles this year have been included
3) These are songs I've liked from this year and are listed in an entirely subjective and arbitrary way. This is more for me to make a playlist than anything else.

#50) 'The Book of Love' – Peter Gabriel
Rightfully chosen above Silvery's 'Give A Little Love' for this spot by Mrs Keep Pop Loud. This haunting cover of The Magnetic Fields works in every way it shouldn't. It was also the second Track of the Week of 2010
#49) 'Animals' – The Answering Machine
A former Track of the Week that's demonstrative of the sky scraping brilliance The Answering Machine are capable of. Roll on album #2.
#48) 'Fuckarias' – Those Dancing Days
Surprise late year addition to the list. 'Fuckarias' is the point where garage rock meets soulful pop - delivered by ice cool Swedish teens.
#47) 'Sleep Forever' - Crocodiles
Fuzzy and anthemic. I reviewed and was captivated by this single over the summer and still can't shake it's melody. Close to perfection.
#46) 'Damaged Goods' – The HotRats
Excellent Gang of Four cover from the former Supergrass boys. This wins a spot in the countdown purely for the moment the earthy bass kicks in.
#45) 'Pigeons' – The Hundred In The Hands
Glossy sub-Girls Aloud pop is nothing to be sniffed at. The chorus here soars despite the portrayal of monotony. It easily grabs the ear and sounds great on the radio.
#44) 'The Lost Estate' - Delays
Delays are always capable of knocking out something casually genius with this example being equal parts indie-jangle and hooky synth-pop.
#43) 'G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N. (You Know I've Got A) – Everybody Was In The French Resistance... Now!
Eddie Argos always amuses and this Avril Lavigne send-up presses all the right buttons for comedy music - namely it doesn't forget to include a bubblegum pop tune.
#42) 'The Birds Were Singing With All Their Might' – Love Is All
Clattering and discordant - but less so than Love Is All are known for being. 'The Birds...' has one of the best hidden melodies of the year.
#41) 'While You're In The Bath' – Paul Smith
The highlight of Smith's excellent début solo album. It's warm and minimal, showcasing the wonderful croon that Maxïmo's full-on-ness doesn't allow.
#40) 'Birds & Planes' – Dinosaur Pile-Up
So, apparently grunge will never die. But as long as bands are aping Nirvana, early Foo Fighters and a smidgen of Weezer with as much bollocks as this it doesn't deserve to. Review.
#39) 'Once' – Diana Vickers
The POP song of the year. It almost excuses the existence of X-Factor but it's doubtful that Vickers will ever hit these heights again. Moorish.
#38) 'Tender' – Frankie & The Heartstrings
Reviewed by me in April. This is rock n roll new-wave teen pop hedonism. Or something like that. Basically it's a rollocking piece of guitar pop.
#37) 'I Can Change' – LCD Soundsystem
The emotional crux of LCD's third (and final) record. There's a sadness and futility amongst the protest and a penetration to the very core of the listener.
#36) 'We've Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues' – Wild Beasts
From the excellent 2009 album that I was too slow to pick up on last year. This is one sensual, warped and frighteningly enchanting single.

Part 2 of the countdown, going from #35 - #21 will be up tomorrow, so tune in again.

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