Monday, 29 November 2010

Track of the Week: 2010 #48 Gorillaz - Crystalised

Gorillaz – Crystalised (Live Lounge)

Somehow (I think down to a shelving of 'Superfast Jellyfish' as a single) Gorillaz haven't been Track of the Week yet. I know, it's totally absurd. They are after all, the finest mainstream pop group currently active in the country. (Get your bloody act together Girls Aloud).

So here we are, with their fantastic cover of The xx's 'Crystalised' which was performed in Radio One's Live Lounge on the 20th of last month. It's as gorgeous and spacious as the original, but with that vague exotic hint that you can only get from Damon and co.

As you're probably also aware Gorillaz are promoting an actual single; 'Doncamatic'. It's a bit underwhelming really after the kaleidoscopic genius of the Plastic Beach album, and to make matters worse they're re-releasing said record with just this new track on it. I don't know about you but I was hoping for an album of off-cuts and B-sides as Gorillaz have done with their first two records.

Ho, hum.

Anyway, this is great.

Oh, and you know how normally I'm not up for illegally downloading stuff – head here to grab the Track of the Week. It's not been released so I reckon it's OK.

But don't tell anybody.

As a bonus, the perennially ace Sky Larkin have covered 'Barracuda'. It's brilliant and has trumpets in it.Sky Larkin: Year Dot EP by Oohbrilliant

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