Monday, 8 November 2010

Track of the Week: 2010 #45 Tellison - Collarbone

Tellison - 'Collarbone'

In all honesty this week's Track of the Week should probably be JJ72's 'Oxygen'. In recent sprees I've been amassing albums that might be good for mere pennies from my local second hand CD shop and by far one of my favourite finds has been the self titled album by JJ72. Still, you don't want my musing on an album that's ten years old, you want something fresh and new. And preferably something that not everyone's talking about.

So we have Tellison. I saw them about a year ago supporting Johnny Foreigner at The Harley in Sheffield and had some damn positive impressions of what they were about. For some unknown reason I'd not investigated them since. Very silly of me, I can tell you.

Their debut album Contact! Contact! came out in 2007 so they're not the newest band in the universe, but 'Collarbone', which you can watch below is the lead track from an EP of the same name that's due at the end of the month. (November 22nd on Big Scary Monsters).

Anyway, back to the song in hand. This is catchy guitar pop, like we all love. It's spiky and emotive and generally quite fun. Everything that Keep Pop Loud likes in music essentially. The only annoying thing is that it's attracted me over to the Big Scary Monsters site and there's lots and lots of tasty sounding treats that I wish I had time to sample. This MP3 subscription which features this weeks heroes along with last week's 'The Horton Shuffle' by The Attika State and lots of other bands who are on the Compilation Of The Year: Alcopopular 4 is particularly tempting.

If you fancy some related free MP3s then you can grab them from BSM here.

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